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Fly rodding for Asian carp 

You read it here first....

As soon as it felt the hook, the monster took off on a run that stripped my fly reel of all its line and a good part of the backing.

LINK (via:The Choctaw Plains Dealer)


Asian Carp Crew

Washington University in St. Louis freshman men's crew meets Asian carp during a morning practice at Creve Coeur Lake.


As the Asian carp swim closer, Obama fails to act

You can now add the looming asian carpocalypse to the list of things that are Obama's fault.



Climbing perch may make it to mainland Australia

An aggressive foreign fish that can move across dry land and choke birds and other fish is threatening to make its way onto Australian soil from Papua New Guinea.

Researchers and rangers are monitoring the climbing perch, which has already overrun waterways on two Queensland islands in the Torres Strait.

The noxious fish can last several days on land by using lungs to breathe.

LINK (via:ABC)


Creek poisoning proposal upsets some Soda Butte Creek enthusiasts

Yellowstone National Park, in coordination with partner agencies Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks; Wyoming Game & Fish Department, and the U.S. Forest Service; propose to remove brook trout from Soda Butte Creek to continue a two decade long effort to restore Yellowstone's native fish population.

Officials have proposed trading electrofishing gear for poison on the creek, an idea that has some anglers upset.

LINK (via:Bozeman Daily Chronicle)


"I about messed my pants"

A fisherman in Arkansas caught a piranha in a local lake last Friday.

LINK (via:The Daily Mail)

Authorities would also prefer you stop releasing your aquarium fish in the local lake.