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Fishing restrictions coming to Western Montana rivers

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks is putting into effect "hoot owl" fishing restrictions on the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and Clark Fork rivers, and Flint and Silver Bow creeks, meaning they will be closed daily from 2 p.m. to midnight until conditions improve.



Fishermen Advise "Hoot Owl" Closures

The dry heat is taking a toll on the trout in the Truckee River. Local anglers are banding together to preserve the fish ecosystem by launching Hoot Owl closures.



Draining of Folsom Lake forces Nimbus, American River Hatchery evacuations

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announced on June 25 that it is moving fish out of the Nimbus and American River Fish Hatcheries for the second year in a row as Folsom Lake's cold water pool is rapidly drained by increased Bureau of Reclamation releases into the American below Nimbus Dam.

The agency blamed "a fourth year of extreme drought conditions" for "reducing the cold water supply available," while representatives of fishing and environmental groups point to mismanagement of Folsom Lake and other Central Valley reservoirs during the drought crisis as the key factor behind the evacuations.

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$34 million in hatchery fish threatened by state government shutdown

Photo: Amit Patel

Here's one way to kill state run hatchery programs.

Millions of dollars in fish could be at stake if state lawmakers can't agree on a budget and avoid a government shutdown.

Dozens of hatcheries across Washington, where fish are raised, could be temporarily closed. There are millions of fish being raised by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). The fish need attention and care but the workers who provide that could be off the job without a paycheck.

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Illegal pot grows spoil North Coast

Illegal grows are having a significant impact on the environment and wild fish.

Cal Trout is supporting Assemblymen Jim Wood’s bill, AB 243 that addresses the environmental problems created by illegal marijuana farms.


The best thing that could happen would be for California to fully legalize cannabis which would put the illegal grows out of business. 


Heat wave spells early trouble for Montana trout

River levels are dropping rapidly as summer temperatures continue to climb, and both trends spell trouble for Montana’s trout. As Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks prepares for fishing closures, anglers can do some things to help fish out.

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No surprise that we just had the hottest spring ever.

Here in the Pacific Northwest the Olympic Peninsula is facing a summer without snowmelt.