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Entries in fish in the news (445)


Archerfish Actively Control the Hydrodynamics of Their Jets

Archer fish are the sharpshooters of the animal world, capable of hitting prey from metres away with pinpoint accuracy. The fish, Toxotes jaculatrix, which live in mangroves in southern and southeast Asia, achieve this by compressing their gill covers, and forcing water through a 'gun barrel' made by their tongue and the roof of their mouth.

LINK (via:Nature)


Copper River Tuna?


In the past year, there have been "unusual fish occurrences" in Alaskan waters, according to NOAA research biologist Joe Orsi.

LINK (via:The Washington Post)


“So is smoking pot and everybody does that, dude”

A muskie-hating fisherman is in a sea of controversy after he gleefully bludgeoned a fish to death, discarded it, then strangely bragged about it on video while likening it to smoking weed.

LINK  (via:The Windsor Star)

54,000 video views later the accused muskie hater is apologizing.


Two bull trout make their way above Glines Canyon Dam site

Fish are already making their way past the former Glines Canyon Dam and are upstream of the former Lake Mills on the Elwha River.

LINK (via:The Olympian)

Read more here:

The Amazon’s Biggest Prehistoric Fish Is Delicious and Dying

Photo: Jeff Kubina

The arapaima looks less like a fish than a prehistoric torpedo. It’s the largest freshwater fish in South America, where it can grow to over eight feet long and weigh more than 400 pounds. Because it often inhabits oxygen-depleted rivers, it breathes atmospheric air, gulping oxygen with a primitive lung called a labyrinth organ rather than gills. It feeds on other fish and, if it  feels like it, will even jump out of the water to grab a snack in the form of a bird or small land mammal. Its massive scales, which act like armor as it swims through piranha-infested bodies of water, are used as nail files by people living in the Amazon. Oh, and it’s barely changed for about five million years.

Arapaima also happens to be delicious.

LINK (via: Munchies)


5 Badass Spiders That Kill and Eat Fish

These spiders come from five main families sure to strike fear into many a minnow.

LINK (via: Discover)