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Entries in southeast idaho's dirty secret (1)


“In my research, I have seen lots of malformed baby fish, but never one with two heads” 

These images of mutated trout were buried in the appendix of a scientific report by mining company JR Simplot whose mining operations have polluted creeks in Southern Idaho. Incredibly the company's report concluded that it would be safe to allow selenium , a metal byproduct of mining that is toxic to fish and birds, to remain in area creeks at higher levels than are now permitted under regulatory guidelines.

The EPA was initially inclined to go along with the report's findings until somebody pointed out the mutated trout. Further scientific review has now found the companies research, "wanting."

LINK (Via:The NY Times)

Selenium pollution is one of the byproducts of phosphate mining. Believe it or not southern Idaho has 17 Superfund sites as a result of phospate mining by Simplot, Agrium, Monsanto and Rhodia.

Patagonia's The Cleanest Line featured a piece a year ago by Jeremiah Watts that focused on this issue and the groups working to protect southeast Idaho’s waters, wildlife, and wildlands.