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Researchers to use robots to track invasive carp....

Sarah Connor last seen packing her bags.

Researchers at the U, Johns Hopkins University and Central State University in Ohio have been awarded $2.2 million from the National Science Foundation to develop robotic boats and program them to track radio-tagged carp as part of a new approach to controlling their numbers.

LINK (Via: Pioneer Press)


If I hear one more carpe diem joke I’m gonna launch my body at the next boat that comes by. Oh, wait, I’m gonna do that anyway.

The Asian carp has a Twitter account.

LINK (Via: Great Lakes Echo)


Carp Stimulus

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

For many people, Asian carp are proving more boon than bane. Bolstered by government support, the Asian carp harvest has leapt thirtyfold in the past decade, creating a new industry, attracting fishermen and entrepreneurs, and feeding people all over the world.

LINK (Via: The NY Times)

Meanwhile on the St Croix things are not looking so rosy.


Let Them Eat Carp

Illinois says it wants to deal with the problem of invasive Asian carp by grinding them up into fish sticks and feeding the poor.



Cliff Claven on Aquatic Nuisance Species

- It's a little known fact that zebra mussels were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals for the forbidden city.



                                 Coming soon to a bayou near you

If the current flooding along the Mississippi River were not bad enough, a U.S. Geological Survey biologist and Asian carp expert says the fish are likely to show up in places where Mississippi flood waters intruded.

“We may now be finding them in lakes, ponds, bayous, anywhere the river water went. Those things will be full of carp now.”

LINK (Via:The Duluth News Tribune)

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