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And You Thought Rock Snot Was Bad?

Researchers in Alaska are planning a strategy to attack an invasive species with a heck of a nasty nickname: rock vomit.



If you can't beat em, eat em

Although it is unlikely that lionfish will ever be eradicated from their invaded range, it is very possible that local populations can be controlled and their impacts minimized simply by adding it to the menu.

LINK (Via:Amazon)


Gear Showers - Don't forget the brush


Waterworks/Lamson's Gear Shower is a 2.2 gallon tank that attaches to a lowered vehicle window, and the gravity fed hose can be used to clean off boots, waders, etc. Even better is that some of the proceeds go to the Clean Angling Coalition and it's yours for just $49.95.

You could also buy any number of simple camp showers that will do the exact same thing and donate the money you save to the Clean Angling Coalition.

Seattle Sports makes a 5 gallon PVC free simple camp shower for only 20 bucks.

If you want something with a little more juice, the Zodi battery powered shower is only $28. Submerge the battery-operated pump in any water container and switch it on for full cleanup mode, the pump adds water pressure to the mix.

Hot Jugz makes a portable 2.2 gallon shower for $49.99 that gives you 2 minutes of pressurized flow with 15 pumps and up to 16 miniutes of shower time.

If you want something portable with more capacity and pressure you can spring for a portable sprayer from Big Kahuna.


Montana Inspectors Find Quagga Mussel On Sailboat

The sailboat owner had hauled the boat from Lake Mead in Utah.

John Wachsmuth, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Regional Aquatic Invasive Species coordinator, and volunteer Erik Hanson, a certified mussel inspector, found the single, quarter-inch-long adult quagga mussel attached to the stern of the hull. The mussel appeared to be intact and alive.

Maybe the state should consider banning sailboats?

LINK (Via:The Columbia Basin Bulletin)

In other invasive species news.

Mandatory watercraft inspection stations targeting invasive species are now open in Idaho with the first inspections starting on Interstate 90 near Wallace.

If your boat is registered out of state or if you have an unregistered non-motorized craft over 10 feet long, including inflatables, you are required to have one of these.

LINK (Via:The Spokesman Review)


If you can't beat em!

The Bahamas Department of Marine Resources encourages the use of the invasive lionfish as a food item. Though venomous, the toxins are contained solely within the fish's spines. Once these are removed, the flesh is quite safe to eat.


A person may not use external felt-soled boots or external felt-soled waders in the waters of the state

The state being Montana.

Bill LC1760 in Montana proposes banning felt in the state starting in October of 2012.


Felt would still be cool for some.

The provisions of this section do not apply to a state or federal employee or emergency personnel, including fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical technicians, using external felt-soled boots or external felt-soled waders when acting within the scope of duty.

Can't have the emergency personnel slipping in the river now can we?

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