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the Angling Company: Casting on a Plane


Project Bay Bones investigates bonefish decline

Bonefish catches are on the decline, and researchers in the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University are trying to get to the bottom of this concerning trend.

To better understand the decline, the research team is analyzing ecological data from the past 35 years on water quality, climate, seagrass cover, and abundance and distribution of prey, as well as angler catches and effort. The three-year project is funded by Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

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Catch of the Day



A Bering wolffish.



"It sure beats sitting home watching TV"

A Virginia angler is trying to stop a unique fishing technique.......following the hatchery truck.

Corbin Beach, an 86-year old from Roanoke, is one of those truck followers.

Beach and his buddies gather at Hanging Rock to wait for the hatchery truck from Paint Bank to go by. When it arrives, they fall in behind it convoy style and follow it to its stocking destination. Once the location is determined, the truck followers can alert their buddies .

It is a festive occasion, and can involve someone bringing a camp stove to cook trout on the stream bank. It sure beats sitting home watching TV, Beach said.

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Take an All-New Phil Monahan Fly-Fishing Trivia Challenge

This week, Phil's got 20 new questions about where famous trout rivers end up.

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Little Tunny

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