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A new year means more archived fish linkage.

Dawn Patrol - Fly fishing and life with terrible spelling and worse grammar.

Jen's adventures learning to fly fish.

Casting Tales - Chronicles of a man armed with rods, reels and camera.

Asian dude's Tumblr photo blog.

The Manzier - The Manzier, besides being a brassier like device for men, is all about fishing, music, vintage and women.

There are currently 33 more links in the fish site links folder.

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Reader Comments (1)

Really is it all about the fishing or the beer or the girls, let's be honest you want it to be about the fishing but that is not how it works for a young man. I see how you ogle women out the window of the GH Fly must be about the beer...good beer no doubt!

January 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPjd

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