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Moldy Chum 2013 Slab of the Year Winners

The Chum Nation has spoken and when it was all said and done, it was literally a "photo finish".  In its 4th season, 2013's Slab of the Year was (sans July) nearly unanimous.  That said, here are the winners:

First Place: Lucas Young - April Slab of the Month

Congrats Lucas - your Rio Gallegos Waders, Patagonia Fitzroy Trout Hat, and Catch Magazine Season 4 DVD are on the way...

Second Place: Rob Koehn - September Slab of the Month

Congrats Rob - your  Patagonia 100L Wheeled Black Hole Duffel 100, Patagonia Fitroy Trout Hat, and a Metalhead DVD are on the way...

Third Place: Chris Franzen - November Slab of the Month

Congrats Chris - your Patagonia Sweet Fish Pack, Patatgonia Fitzroy Trout Hat, and Metalhead DVD are on the way...


2011 Slab of the Year Final Results!

Congratulations to Ben, Dawn, and Adam- you my friends are ballers.  The Chum will be contacting you soon to hook you up with your goods!

First place: Benjamin Hart - Bachelor Party Brown


Save & Close

Second place: Dawn Wilburn - SE AK Steel

Third place: Adam DeBruin - Permit