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What do unrecognized North American Primates eat?

And, how do they do it?  Here's some "food for thought"...


"I readied my bow and four does came running within fifteen yards. they appeared to be spooked by something."

"He makes a (my left- his right) turn and jumps on this deer killing it. The deer cries out three times and stops. All is now quiet again."

"Then today my mom told me she was walking the dog in the woods and found a huge piece of poop with fur in it."

"There on the gravel bar was a freshly killed deer, steam rising from it and blood coming off it, and the brush was splattered with blood maybe as high as 8 to 10 feet. But the worst part was, the upper torso (stomach to head) was gone."

"So I’m sitting there, watching the deer, and all of a sudden it sticks its head strait up in the air and looks behind it and freezes."

How they skin a deer video


"As the squealing hog bounced off the tree, it pounced on it, beating it with its fist like a person pounding on a desk."


"I turned with my flash light and looked behind me and almost 100 feet behind me was an up right walking creature dragging the dead elk that the car I was towing had hit down the side of a hill."


"We watched as these big animals chased the sheep for what seemed like hours. In reality, the whole chase scene was about 20 or 30 minutes."


"As the morning sun was rising I could clearly see approx. 150 yds a large dark hairy figure with facial (skin) like features bent over and what appeared to be turning over rocks."


"While going around a curve in the highway we came within 50' of a Sascquatch that was stooping in the middle of the road eating frogs."


"It was squatting down eating the vegetables from the plants there. I could even hear it eating from where I stood."

"He eats grapefruit off of the tree, sometimes leaving a large bite mark on a half of grapefruit (usually hanging three feet above my reach)."

"It had a piece of corn in its hand and I mean a hand like a humans hand."

"Kulls publicly unveiled a trailcam photo that showed a Sasquatch stealing apples. The photo was taken last year in September around 12:02AM."

Dumpster Diving:

"Hearing a shuffling bang noise near the dumpster, she slowed her bike and began looking. Behind the shed was more than a noise. A shadowy sasquatch shape."

"I saw it as it was rooting through a garbage dumpster. In a matter of seconds my brain went through a kind of checklist to try to rationalize what I was seeing."

"The next day after seeing the tracks near the garbage dumpster area I was convinced it was a Bigfoot."

The Kitchen Sink:

"Its diet includes "roots, slugs, frogs, deer, elk, fish, onions and berries. It literally licks its fingers after eating a meal of skunk cabbage."

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    Fly Fishing | Blog | Photos | Podcasts | Travel | Gear | and More - Moldy Chum - What do unrecognized North American PrimatesĀ eat?
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    Fly Fishing | Blog | Photos | Podcasts | Travel | Gear | and More - Moldy Chum - What do unrecognized North American Primates eat?
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    Fly Fishing | Blog | Photos | Podcasts | Travel | Gear | and More - Moldy Chum - What do unrecognized North American Primates eat?

Reader Comments (4)

I have a family living behind my house. No shit. Everyday I come home from work the woods erupt with wood knocks. There not that afraid either. My wife has seen them stealing dog food. I should get an investigator out here one of these days.

October 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHarold

Those who think that there isn't sustainable terrain or food sources out there for a 800 lb. primate to eat are not aware of reality. This species is no myth or legend. They are strategic, cautious (for the most part), and know exactly what they are doing. We as humans have domesticated ourselves dramatically. The fact of the matter is this - early human hunted in similar ways. Tool usage is nice and all, but not necessary and obviously not needed to get the job done.

October 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterScience

They are definitely real. I saw one in southern oregon one time and have had numerous other bizarre encounters in the same area.

October 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTravis

I had an encounter when I was a kid. One hooted at me three times when I was walking along the creek behind my house. I lived in rural Snohomish county in the middle of BF country and there was (and is) no doubt who was telling me I was a little too close. No question in my mind at all.

October 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRiver Snorkeling

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