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Entries in slab of the month (449)


April 2013 SOTM Entry: South Island DD Brown

Chummist Lucas Young had one of those days in NZ.


April 2013 SOTM Entry: CO Toad

Parker Smith, the Colorado headwaters, and this big trout all aligned earlier this month.


April 2013 SOTM Entry: CO Pike

From the inbox:

Hey Chum,

I recently went Pike fishing in Utah for the first time and had an incredible time.  The cove we were fishing in looked really fishy, and I had a good feeling about it.  We came over a small drop off and I let my fly sink all the way to the bottom before beginning my retrieve.  As soon as I began to retrieve back to the boat, the line went taught and I set the hook.  A few moments later, the fish came to the surface and I let out a shout of excitement.  I had the biggest fish I'd ever seen on the end of my line.  After a quick fight, my buddy netted the fish.  She taped out at 41.5" and weighed in at 20.6 lbs, just shy of the Utah Catch and Release record.  We quickly snapped a few photos and sent her on her way.  


Shane Thomas    


Feb. 13 SOTM Winner - 

Terri Beatty 's bone get's the vote.


March SOTM Entries - Trigger vs. Hound

After a recent bahamian trip, friendly competition ensues between Chris Lewis and Chase Hancock.


March SOTM Entry: Bluefin Trevally

From the inbox:

Here is a link to a video just shot at Clipperton island and a SOTM entry.  The Bluefin Trevally I am holding is the pending world record for 4kg.   

-Bruce A. Smith